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The RDA has already developed several strategic projects with wide impact especially on regional and national level.

The staff has long-term experience with international cooperation, Phare programme for the Central and East Europe, CARDS for the West Balkan, other programmes as for example Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Culture, Youth, also projects in the field of non-motorised transport, social policy and environment, industrial relations and twinning projects between Slovakia and the EU Member States and the Candidate Countries.

Some examples of recently prepared/implemented projects:

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Project Name
Project Pipeline for EU structural funds in Slovakia
Analysis of Bratislava Region Potential in relation to the use of European Union’s Structural Funds
Working together toward a common objective – Regional economy forum aimed at improving the governance at community and regional level within the Bratislava region
Developing strategic Employment Action Plan and building partnerships at local, sub-regional and regional levels
Virtual Academy for Lifelong Education of the public sector
Competencies development through self-learning in services SMEs – international project via Leonardo da Vinci
Greenways without frontiers – elaboration of concise Strategy for building up of greenways on the territory of the Bratislava Region with connections to international greenways in Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic
How to get money from the EU Structural Funds – re-qualification training for young unemployed persons aged 22-29
PVM Compass for the future – international economy forum aimed at partnership building and networking
Change and Continuity – Social inclusion in Enlarged Europe – in cooperation with ERAN and DG Employment
Trans-national employment strategy Bratislava – Vienna – in collaboration with Austrian authorities, Interreg IIIA Slovakia – Austria
Mining in Europe – Culture 2000 – in collaboration with German, Spanish and Italian partners aimed at revitalisation of old mining areas for tourism purposes
Renovation of national cultural monument Synagogue in Senec
Renovation of national cultural monument Mestiansky dom in Pezinok
UDIEX – UDIEX –ALEP under Urbact/Urban in collaboration with the City of Venice
Labour Force Collector I. – re-qualification of young graduates without job skills
Labour Force Collector II. – increasing the motivation and confidence and re-qualification of long-term unemployed elderly people aged 50+
Increasing the competitiveness of secondary schools in Bratislava Region – through utilisation of the European Social Fund
EUCERTICON – European Certificate in Renovation and Rebuilding in the Construction Sector – in implementation phase
Review of the national labour legislation, Twinning financed by the EU, DG Enlargement for Macedonia
ENEA - European Network of Entrepreneurship Angels financed via Leonardo da Vinci programme of the EU
RELLMAS – Support for the local labour markets in Republic of Macedonia, Slovak Aid
“Pazardjik – sustainable region” – project developed in Bulgaria via Regional Operational programme of Bulgaria
“HUSK – Creative Industries” – a cross-border cooperation project Slovakia – Hungary
“HUSK EUROCERTICON” - a cross-border cooperation project Slovakia – Hungary in the construction sector